Jackson is a very good dog. Yes he is. (YES HE IS). No one knows that better than Jamie DeBone, Jackson's human and Kalamazoo resident. A month ago, DeBone noticed a Facebook post from Atlanta, Georgia based artist Ashley Schanz offering to sketch pet portraits for charity. Her request for portraiture, along with the charitable organization of DeBone's choosing would go in to a raffle among many others who commissioned Schanz's work. A winner would be drawn, and a monetary donation would go to the winner's chosen institution. DeBone chose the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and submitted a photo of Jackson.

Check out Ashley Schanz's art in progress below, and find Schanz's Sketchbook on Facebook, on Instagram, on TikTok. Don't forget! If you want a pet portrait of your own, or if you want to surprise a loved one, use the code "Gospel" to see even more money donated to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission.


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