I'm going to go ahead and state for the record that I believe climate change is real and it's more than likely that the result, as years go by, will have a negative affect on the planet.  I know there are those who believe that it's not real but I'm deferring to science.  All that being said, there is, at least, one definitive result in Michigan so far.

In an article on msn.com, Lake Superior is the spot in Michigan that holds the evidence.  According to scientists, Lake Superior, which is the coldest of the Great Lakes, is heating up by an average of 2 degrees Fahrenheit per decade making it one of the worlds fastest- warming lakes.  They say this will probably make Lake Superior more hospitable to invasive species.  Already, experts say, recent cyanobacterial blooms on the lake are the result, in part to the warming.  Get a lot more information by clicking HERE.


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