Ian Somerhalder was destined to be a star. His fearless approach to the roles he chooses to the talent he brings (plus those piercing blue eyes) were an undeniable combination. But Somerhalder isn't just a pretty face. He's also very active in the fight against climate change. Kiss the Ground, a documentary about a solution-based reversal of climate change to which he contributed, hits Netflix today. But first things, first, I had to talk about the film that put the Vampire Diaries star on my radar, Rules of Attraction.

Somerhalder knew what he was doing when signing on to be a part of Rules of Attraction in 2000. Writer/Director Roger Avary had just won an Oscar, and the book was critically acclaimed. It was also unlike any college movie that come out in recent memories. Beautiful faces in dark, gritty, traumatic situations. "It was so unique and fun and took some crazy turns. What a jam," Somerhalder shared. "It was really special. Unfortunately, that weekend that it opened was a huge box office weekend. There were like 20 films that opened up and none of them did very well. It was really wild, but the film obviously became a cult classic later on in it's years. What an unbelievable ride that was. It was really special. To have that happen - I think I was 20-21. To have that sort of explosion at 21 was really amazing."

The ups and downs of his Attraction character Paul Denton are a drop in the bucket compared to the fight that Somerhalder has on his hands, currently. "The climate crisis is the greatest threat to human kind. It's the greatest story of our time." The actor suddenly gets stoic, and very matter-of-fact. "Social injustice and environmental injustice are tied together. So, How do we l solve it? Its an immense amount to think about, and a lot of times it just shuts us down. This film gives a how-to, solution-based, not doom and gloom, way to literally reverse climate change. That's it." The film Somerhalder is referring to is, Kiss the Ground, and it can be streamed on Netflix. "The health of the earth - be it the oceans, lands, forests, trees - are completely reliant on the biome and healthy soil. This is the solution to reversing climate change."

But it's more than sweeping ideas. The practical applications in the documentary are meant to change things on a local level. "Not only reversing climate change, but reviving farmer prosperity, reducing flooding, draught, replenishing water sources, producing oxygen. Where else have you heard such a one-two punch solution to the greatest existential threat to human kind?"

If you missed the RKR exclusive interview with Ian Somerhalder about his new documentary Kiss the Ground, click the link below.

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