Usually a summer destination, St. Joe invites you to the lakeshore town in February  to see world class ice sculptures at the Magical Ice Fest,.

Painters work in many mediums: oil,, ink, colored pencil, charcoal, watercolors and many others. Sculptors can work in clay, stone, plastic, plaster, metal, marble, and even ice. The only limit to art is imagination. Art can be lasting for the ages like the Mona Lisa or Michelangelo's David, or gone with the sun and a slight change in temperature.

The history of ice sculptures goes back to China in the 16th century, when hunters and fishermen would make lanterns by carving out the center of a bucket of frozen water and placing a candle inside. Russians are credited as being the first to make frozen crystalline art.

In the middle of the 18th century, Empress Anna Ivanovna of Russia decided that she wanted to have her own ice castle. All aspects of this large palace were made from ice. The palace even came complete with ice trees, animals, canons, and cannonballs.

The Art Career Project

That tradition continues in St. Joseph at the Magical Ice Fest, February 5-7. There are two rounds of professional ice carving competitions, with individual sculptors going to work on Friday. On Saturday, teams bring 8 blocks of ice to life as a group endeavor. Bundle up and watch the artists at work outdoors downtown St. Joseph.

The Magical Ice Fest also has a weekend scavenger hunt and a 5k Chocolate Run/Walk, Saturday morning at 9. Of course, downtown businesses will be excited to see you this time of year. So, bundle up, wrap a scarf over your mask and don't forget to socailly distance, even though you might want to huddle together to stay warm on a Winter weekend and enjoy the Magical Ice Fest in St, Joseph.

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