If you love a certain food, learning that there's an entire festival dedicated to said food can be pretty exciting.

Berrien Springs is now preparing for their 2022 Pickle Festival that will, as the name suggests, feature all things pickle-related.

Last year, they brought back the festival after a 16-year hiatus:

The success of their return has encouraged the festival organizers to keep the tradition going once again for 2022.

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Details are sparse but, here's what we know so far:

  • The festival will take place on July 4th
  • There's a new Pickle Recipe contest this year
  • They are currently looking for craft and food vendors

If you'd like to apply to be a craft/food vendor you can find contact information below:

Are you more of an "exercise" pickle lover and not a "sit on the couch for hours binge-eating an entire jar of pickles" pickle lover? Great news...the Pickle Festival is such a big deal in the Berrien Springs area that they're also featuring a 5k Run/Walk.

The 'In a Pickle 5k Run/Walk' will happen on June 18th during the pickle preview weekend (that would sound really odd in the wrong context.) Since we are a few months out from the Pickle Festival and the 5k Run/Walk, information is vague. It would be best to follow the Berrien Springs Pickle Festival Facebook page to stay up to date on all details.

Did you miss the Mac N Cheese Festival in Kalamazoo in 2021? Don't be sad, I did too. Hopefully, it'll make a return this year with the same vendors:

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