It's way more fun than the polar vortex but don't wait for Christmas in July to buy your tickets for the Polar Express or you'll be left at the station.

Nobody is asking for more Winter but it is time to think about the Christmas season if you plan to ride the North Pole Express. Hollywood movie makers used the blueprints of Michigan's Pere Marquette 1225 locomotive to create the magical train in the beloved Tom Hanks holiday film 'The Polar Express.' During the holiday season, you can take a trip on the real-life train right here in Michigan. But, not even a Christmas miracle will get you a ticket in November.

The North Pole Express sells out every single year and tickets are now on sale for Christmas 2018. The first train leaves the station on November 16 and the schedule runs weekends through December 21, with one Saturday nearly sold out already. Don't miss your chance at hot chocolate and an unforgettable Christmas trip on the real-life Polar Express train in Michigan.

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