I've been spending a lot more time with crime shows on streaming platforms lately. My personal favorites are Bones and NCIS, but NOTHING compares to the absurdity that CSI would deliver from time to time.

Murder stories and scenarios so "out there," you just couldn't believe them. Thankfully, in those cases, they WERE fake, but this recent one in Central Illinois seems like a CSI Storyline come to life.

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Marcy Oglesby of Maquon, Illinois, has been charged with first-degree murder and concealing the death of a person in this case. She's being charged for the murder of a former Maquon Village Police Chief, Richard R. Young, who was 71 years old.

He had been missing for some time, and nobody could seem to find his remains. Officers were then drawn to Oglesby's storage unit due to complaints of a smell coming from it.

"Oglesby claimed that the smell was from an opossum that had previously died in the unit. Eventually, she admitted that there was a body inside a large box she had previously refused to open for police."

So just like in CSI, authorities were ALL OVER the crime scene, and the main suspect, but JUST missed out... at first.

Young's body was eventually discovered last year, but his identity was JUST verified this past week, confirming that indeed, Young was the victim.


So let's recap... you have an officer who was killed and hidden by a suspect, who then lied about it until something stupid like a smell gave her away. How else could this end up being like an episode of CSI?

"Knox County Sheriff's Department Detective Jeremy Moore testified last month that Oglesby had reportedly been in a relationship with Young... a toxicology report showed that a high level of a toxic chemical commonly found in eyedrops was found in Young's System."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's like this woman, who was in a relationship with the cop, WATCHED an episode of CSI, one of those "wife trying to kill the husband, but make it look natural" episodes, and copied it line for line.

When are people going to realize, those shows are fiction, but they do typically get one thing right... you're not gonna get away with it.


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