If you're a late night frequenter of bars and clubs then the familiar shout "Last call for Alcohol" you would normally hear near 2am, may now get extended to 4am.

By a 77-27 vote, the state house passed a measure that would allow the 2 hour extension. Legislators hope this helps businesses survive the current coronavirus pandemic. However, before you pop a couple of extra twenty's in your wallet or purse to buy more food and alcohol, it still has to pass the Senate and then get signed by the Governor.

Now as a guy who likes to look at the glass half full, I think there might be some advantages to keeping bars and clubs open until 4am like:

Uber drivers who work overnights can now clean vomit out of their cars closer to quitting time instead of in the middle of their shift.

Poor tipping sloppy drunks get to spend more quality time unloading their problems to their favorite waitstaff worker.

Like Hollywood does with movies, the band Semisonic can come out with a remake of their only hit "Closing Time" by rewriting the chorus line to: "I know who I want to take me home...at 4am"

Sales of Taco Bell breakfast burritos will skyrocket.

Those who work in the service industry can now skip all that unnecessary sleep they think they need and head straight to their 2nd job.

One night stands become less uncomfortable because there's no time for sleep and the awkwardness of waking up next to someone you don't know, has now been eliminated. 

There you go - let me know your thoughts on this measure - you in favor or not?

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