In years past Thanksgiving eve would've meant bars and restaurants getting crushed with bodies. That won't be the case this year for what is normally the biggest bar night of the year. It doesn't mean you can find a few places to go out either IF you don't mind the cold.  Keeping you as safe as possible from exposure to the covid virus is the mantra many area businesses are preparing for.

Take Bells Brewery and a newly revamped for safety beer garden. Bells made the outdoor area spacious and warmed it with fire pits and covered in certain areas by open tents. Bells is offering up patrons a chance o bundle up and hang out a little longer for take home food if they choose. The Bells beer garden will be open from 4p-8p tomorrow for those who would like to hang out even if just for a little while.

According to an article in MLIVE Bells Director of Hospitality Ryan Tovey is confident the cold air won't keep everyone away.

“Michiganders are tough and love their beer,” Tovey said. “We’re kind of banking on, behaviorally, people aren’t afraid of the cold and would rather be ultra safe and slightly cold.”

Bells isn't the only local business offering up a chance to hang out outside on Thanksgiving Eve. Check out our Kalamazoo restaurants and Bars with outdoor seating. for more and as always, check dates and times before heading out.

Of course many people have questions about their Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day celebrations. What they can and should not do. The state of Michigan is providing some clarity through a web page with a Q & A where you can get specifics on any questions or concerns you may have.

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