Well, if the rumors are true, then the unique restauranting experience of the JungleBird Restaurant and bar in downtown Kalamazoo is officially over. A Reddit post seemingly confirms that the restaurant served its final customers Sunday Night.

However, it also claims that employees were given absolutely NO NOTICE that the restaurant was closing, and are now out of a job in the blink of an eye.

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The Reddit post was published by a r/DoctorProfman at around 10 o'clock Sunday night, claiming that "JungleBird is dead, RIP."

Within the post, they say at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the middle of their shift, employees were notified by management that Sunday night would be JungleBird's last night.

"We Were told that 'the concept had failed,' and that we would be shutting our doors as new owners take over and the restaurant is rebranded."

It's a shame, because the food and drinks at JungleBird were pretty different from other places around town. But several comments in the original post did point out that in its one-year open, at least four different head chefs ran the kitchen. They also claimed that two of the three owners were mostly absent during its operation, and the one owner who was present had little to no prior experience in the restaurant business.

Employees were given some information, which included that the new owners had plans to re-brand the restaurant, possibly to a Greek-style restaurant, and they would try and keep as many employees as possible. However, NO work will be had at least for the next few weeks, leaving dozens of employees without work.

You can read the full reddit post below, and flip through some of the comments, which were mostly supportive of the staff, and very critical of the owners and managers.

JungleBird is dead, RIP
byu/DoctorProfman inkzoo

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