Remember a while back when we first heard of a little girl having her lemonade stand shut down in front of her house because she didn't have a permit?  Unfortunately, that wasn't an isolated incident.  It would be easy to point a finger at law enforcement and/or city government but I would have to call out the citizen who called it in!  Ya, some butt-hurt neighbor with nothing better to do turned a little girl in to the authorities.  What you might not remember is that Country Time Lemonade came to the rescue and paid the fine and for the permit.  How cool was that???

Well now, according to an article on, Country Wide Lemonade want's to legalize lemonade stands nationwide.  Frankly, I don't think there needs to be a law.  There needs to be less people who have a problem with kids setting up lemonade stands for crying out loud!!!  Check out more by clicking HERE.