Everyone has that moment when something definitive happens to signal the arrival of the Christmas season for them. It could be as simple as seeing your first television Christmas ad. Maybe it's when every member of your family is gathered around the table for a Christmas feast or it could be when Grandma makes her famous Christmas cookies something will signal the true arrival of the Christmas season for you - we hope.

It isn't Christmas until ____ is the question we posed to our listening audience. The answers ranged from the warm and fuzzy "our family is all together" to the smarmy "December 25th...DUH".  It was interesting getting a perspective on the thought presented and it certainly made for a hilarious moment or two on the air as well.

We had more than a few we wanted to share with you as the arrival of the Christmas season nears. So check them out and feel free to add your thoughts.

From our Facebook Page: 
Melanie Francel Tevlin:
Until RKR plays Porky Pig’s Blue Christmas!!!
Ronald Crandall:
When I hear cheech and chong
Emily Love
You hear “Shitters full”
Donovan Drew:
Stephanie Bishop drinks too much nog
From our RKR App comes these gems:

Marty Smith:

both my dad and Grandpa are both snoring in front of the TV
Will Daniels:
My mom and sister have a fight over who she is dating or not dating :)
Ryan Ilkster:
My Dad puts up the giant north start light display on our garage
Feel free to answer the question for us and let us know what makes it officially happen for you. What moment is that signals you that its time for Christmas?
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