When things are going well, you can't wait to get up in the morning, or in the case of the #3 nationally ranked hockey team, you can't wait to get back out on the ice.

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But in these Covid times, as we all know, we just have to learn to adjust. And the WMU hockey Broncos will have to do just that. What's going to make things tougher for the team is a 22 day layoff. Having had the game with Michigan on December 30 postponed as part of the Great Lakes Invitational, the Broncos will take the ice against #10 ranked North Dakota next weekend after a three week layoff. If there is one good thing in all this, it's that North Dakota, which is ahead of the Broncos in the NCHC, doesn't play this weekend, so they'll also be coming in somewhat cold (or rested) just as the Broncos.

The cancelled games this weekend were to be played against Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Those games have been pushed back to Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th in Colorado at Robson Arena. It would have been nice for the Broncos to comeback into action against Colorado, who are seventh out of eight teams, and would have been a good preparation for the North Dakota series next weekend.

With this new schedule, the Broncos play seven weekends in a row, including five against ranked teams. If the Broncos get through this upcoming stretch, then they may look back at it, as something that just toughened them a little more.

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