Classic car shows are kind of like certain movies on TV. If one of them is on, I may not watch all of it, but I'll stop and watch for a while. Classic cars are the same thing. I'm only really looking for Pontiacs from the late 50's until about 1973, and some classic Chrysler cars like the doomed DeSoto and Plymouth brands from about the same year range, but when I see one, or one of its cousins, I'll stop and take a look.

All of this is because "Autos and Eats on the Alley" is scheduled for downtown on Bates Alley, on May 8th. The Downtown people are really pushing the Bates Alley area, which is on the back side of the businesses on Michigan Ave. between Portage Rd. and Edwards Street.

Presuming there is decent weather that afternoon/evening, this would be a great chance to drool at cars, and "coincidentally" there's also some places that serve food and adult beverage, as you stroll by.

“We are excited to welcome back this unique, outdoor event to Bates Alley. It’s a great way to experience downtown while admiring a wide variety of show cars. Whether you’re interested in beautiful cars, tasty drinks, or just the downtown vibe, this is a great event for the entire family.” - Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership Events Director Sue Huggett.

In addition to the cars and such, the Lana Hoffman Jazz Quartet, who are really good, will be performing, and you can put downtown’s Central Commons Cup (lovingly known as the adult sippy cup) to use, in the Refreshment Area which lets you drink outside.

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