To be honest, this is one result of the pandemic that I've tried not to think about.  Remember back in February when we were talking about maybe the greatest concert season of all time?  There were close to 100 shows scheduled within driving distance.  And now...

You've seen and heard the statistics about the public's reluctance to gather in a large crowd.  The usual outlook is they won't feel comfortable until there's a vaccine which doesn't look like we'll get until next year; and then we've got to get people inoculated.

Already many if not all concert promoters may find themselves out of business and according to the National Independent Venue Association the places to enjoy live music were the first to close and will be the last to open.  90% of members believe they will close permanently in just a few months without additional federal funding.

That brings us to our local venues like the State Theatre and Miller Auditorium.  I have to admit that I've been kicking myself for taking these places for granted and passing up shows.  What was I thinking?  They're 15 minutes away and I couldn't be bothered.  It's too bad it took a pandemic to make me realize.

Let's not forget the artists and crews.  On a selfish note, I'm lamenting the fact that some of the "aging" bands may not make it back to tour.  With record sales an income of the past, this was the live music renaissance we were waiting for and now it may be too late.  Nevertheless, we are Rockers and we will keep hope alive.

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