For as long as I can remember the Kalamazoo K-wings have donned the red, white, and blue in some fashion while playing in Wings Stadium and what has since been changed to the Wings Event Center. I've been going to games and watching the K-wings fly around on the ice since I was a little kid, and they always had some combination of these colors on.

Now that they've got a newer coach, entering his third year on the bench, he's now comfortable and ready to make this his team. He used to where the bright red, white, and navy blue during some of his playing days, but now he wants to bring in something new as he prepares to fully take over the reins. As they prepare to shift to a new arena soon, they're trying out a new look first.

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This year as the K-wings continue with preseason training camp and fans are already purchasing season tickets to fill the seats, they are all about to enjoy a new experience. Today the Kalamazoo K Wings made a huge splash in the hockey community as they made a cryptic social media post that you can see below.

Yeah, it was literally just today's date letting the world know that something worth knowing was coming in the following hours. I don't think anyone could have been prepared for the news the K-wings would drop as they followed up by posting a video on their social media. You can see below that they're coming out in new jerseys this year.

For the first time in K Wings history, they are ditching the red in an entire uniform and sticking with all navy. As you can see in the video above everything from the helmet down to the socks is navy blue and the accent colors of white and accent make everything pop just right.

I'm not saying that the other jerseys weren't cool but NOTHING they have dropped in the past even comes close to this. I'm not the only fan that likes these either as many have already commented their approval on the Facebook post. These jerseys are pure HEAT as they will look to dominate the ice in a new look. I'm excited to get out to a game this year and watch them shine under the lights and on the ice in the slick all navy uniform.

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