Nearly a year into my stay in Michigan and I have to continue to sing this state's praises. I truly love living in the Mitten State. I could settle down here for a long time.

Of course, buying a house seems like a near impossibility for a millennial such as myself, but hope remains on the horizon. A recent study actually gave me a slightly brighter glimmer of hope now that I live in Michigan.

According to a study from WalletHub ranking the best states to live in in the United States, Michigan ranks fourth in the country for homeownership behind only Minnesota, Maine and West Virginia.

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Ironically, other rankings from the study would suggest that the Mitten State shouldn't rank so highly in this category.

For instance, out of all 50 states, Michigan has the 46th-ranked economy. Hey, maybe if gas prices and car insurance rates weren't so ridiculous we could put money back into buying things. Really, 46th is ridiculously low. Only Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio (lol) and Mississippi are lower in this regard.

To further the irony, Michigan is one of the top most affordable states in America, landing at 14 on that ranking. Of course, other states with poor economies, like Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky are some of the most affordable all coming in the top 10. Ohio is clinically awful, landing at 23 in affordability.

At least we aren't in Ohio.

Put it on a T-shirt.

Michigan's affordability clearly only stretches so far. But if you have the resources to really place your roots here and buy a home, you've got a solid place to call home. After all, Michigan lands comfortably at 12 on the quality of life and 21 on the safety rankings for the 50 states.

Of course, with so much variety in these rankings, living in Michigan actually can't be more average according to the study. In the overall rankings, Michigan landed smack in the middle at 25. How very... Meh.

The rest of the Midwest did rank higher, but again, we aren't Ohio. Those Buckeyes have to live in the 33rd-best state in the union, which is the lowest in Big 10 country, Big Sky country and New England.

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