It is difficult, when you're standing more than a hundred yards away from something, to think that something is what it isn't. In terms of photography, or videography, the image is blurred, or grainy, and details are hard to come by.

Michigan Conservative State Representative Matt Maddock learned this the hard way late Wednesday night, when he saw a line of individuals being escorted off of planes at Detroit Metro Airport, and thought they were "illegal invaders." Turns out... nope.

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Maddock was at the airport for an unknown reason, but while he was there, he snapped a couple photos of a group of individuals walking off of an Allegiant Airplane, and were taken to a group of three busses. They were then given a police escort off the airport tarmac.

His tweet read in full:

"Happening right now. Three busses just loaded up with illegal invaders at Detroit Metro. Anyone have any idea where they're headed with their police escort?"

He then tagged Pete Hoekstra, who is the current Michigan Chair of the GOP.

His tweet was quickly debunked by followers who pointed it was probably a team flying in for the NCAA Tournament, which is happening at Little Caesar's Arena this weekend. And they were right. The "illegal invaders" he pointed out, were actually the Gonzaga basketball team being taken to their busses, then to their hotel.

But that still didn't stop Maddock from doubling down 14 hours after the initial tweet, and seemingly ignoring the community note applied to his initial post, and the replies confirming they weren't illegal immigrants.

"We know this is happening. 100,000s of illegals are pouring into our country. We know it's happening in Michigan. Our own governor is offering money to take them in! Since we can't trust the #FakeNews to investigate, citizens will. The process of investigating these issues takes time."

Well, apparently for people who pay attention, only a few minutes of research would have properly identified what was going on, but Maddock's apparent "citizen" investigation still has some work to do to be SURE these people are who they say they are.

Someone check to make sure the Gonzaga busses aren't being followed.

Maddock, by the way, is a Representative for the 51st district in the State of Michigan's House of Representatives, and oversees part of Oakland County. His current term ends on January 1, 2025, and won his 2022 bid for re-election.

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