It's no secret, the Lions playing in the NFC Championship is a big deal. The last time the Lions won two postseason games in the same season was 1957, coincidentally enough, that final game was against San Francisco.

So of course, Lions fans want to do anything possible not to miss this potentially historic moment, and two major companies - GM in Detroit, and Delta Airlines - are making significant changes to make sure EVERY Lions fan in the Detroit area gets the opportunity.

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Sunday night, the Lions will play in San Francisco for the NFC Championship, and a chance at their first ever Super Bowl appearance. The last time the Lions had a season similar to this, they won it all - an NFL Championship over the Cleveland Browns.

But before we can dream of that, we have to get through Sunday against the 49ers, and Lions fans are showing up in big numbers to support the team. Not to mention, some employers understand the gravity of the situation, and are literally changing their shift schedule so fans don't miss the game.

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Flint GM Plant Delays Third Shift

It's almost unheard of, but the GM assembly plant in Flint is completely changing their shift schedule to make sure that fans of the Lions have an opportunity to potentially see history made Sunday Night.

Announced on Wednesday, the Flint Assembly plant will start their third shift one hour later on Sunday night so employees can hopefully catch the end of the NFC Championship game.

An official statement from the GM Plant reads:

"We recognize the Detroit Lions playing in an NFC Championship game as a rare, unique opportunity that warrants this temporary schedule adjustment to allow employees to enjoy the game and to make it to work on time."

UAW Local Shop chairman Eric Welter talked with the Detroit Free Press about the change in schedule, and hopes that GM isn't the only one that does something like this.

"It's Lions gera everywhere and everyone's pretty excited. It's a time in Michigan that hasn't ever occurred before and I'm expecting many employers to do what they can to support that. We were probably early, but I'd imagine everyone else will do something to accommodate it."

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Delta Airlines Charters Bigger Jets to get More Lions fans to San Francisco

It should be no surprise that many Lions fans are going beyond watching the game at home, or a bar, and will do their best to bring as much of that Ford Field energy to Levi's Stadium in San Francisco Sunday Night. Tickets to fly out to California were obviously in high demand, so Delta Airlines is making sure as many fans make the trip as possible.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is the second-largest hub in the country for Delta Airlines, behind Atlanta, Ga. So if they need to flex a little, they can... and Flex they did.

Delta announced that they are not only adding a direct flight between Detroit and San Francisco this week, but they will also be swapping the planes originally designated, for larger ones.

Ticket prices are obviously going to be high because of their demand, but Delta clearly understood the assignment, and have accommodated for hundreds more Lions fans to make their way out west for the game.

The Lions will face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game Sunday night at 6:30 ET, 3:30 PT. The winner will go on to the Super Bowl to face either the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Baltimore Ravens, who play the early game on Sunday.

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