Two employees were injured after they were attacked by customers Detroit Metro Airport.

An attempt to defuse a heated situation resulted in a small group of customers attacking Spirit Airline staff Sunday at the Detroit Metro Airport according to the Detroit Free Press,

Both of the agents were injured from the dispute. One of the agents was taken to a hospital, a spokesperson from Spirit said.

If you've ever flown on Spirit Airlines and I put the question to you, "what do you think triggered this fight?"  You would probably give me a correct guess without thinking.  Yes, it was the Spirit Airlines baggage "situation."  Don't get me wrong.  The customers had no right to physically harm anyone because of their anger.  They deserve the legal problems that have resulted from this fight.  However, if you just start typing the words "Spirit Airlines" in the search bar of youtube.  The phrase "Spirit Airlines Brawl" auto completes.  Then the results are shocking.  It's video after video showing fights on Spirit Airlines planes and ticket counters in Florida, California, New York, Puerto Rico, etc.

Below is a video of the Detroit Metro Airport brawl from the New York Post.

Two people involved in the fight have been arrested.

I don't know who needs to hear this but, never get into a fight in an airport or on an airplane.  Also, I am in no way blaming the Spirit Airlines employees for what went down.  Clearly the angry customers need anger management.  However, if you're not ready to spend big money on checking your bags, don't fly Spirit Airlines.

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