Online dating is all the rage, and by that I mean it invokes quite a bit.

Anyone who has had to download those forsaken apps, which are largely owned by one company, has endured one of modern life's most frustrating experiences.

It takes an insane amount of luck to have any positive experience on the dating apps. If the odds are finding a match are low, good luck finding love, especially a love that leads to a lasting marriage or partnership.

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There are plenty of statistics, articles and videos that detail why online dating is simply the worst. I'll even link one below.

Of course, all of those statistics and rants often have to do with the effectiveness, or extreme lack thereof, of online dating. Another aspect is incredibly important in the world of meeting strangers based on their cheekbones and taste in music.

Every single person who downloads a dating app and engages with other users is taking an inherent risk in the pursuit of love (or a fun night, I'm not here to judge). No one is obligated to be truthful on the internet and there's all sorts of things they could be hiding.

From catfishers and scammers, abusers and non-disclosing STD carriers all the way to full-blown murderous psychopaths, you could fall prey to some people with some awful qualities, to say the least.

Naturally, some states are a bit safer than others in this regard. Privacy Journal conducted a study of all 50 states to determine which were the safest and most dangerous for online daters.

Each state was given a score on a 0-100 scale and most were fairly safe, surprisingly. Thirty states score higher than 60 with the highest score going to Vermont with an 87.54. Michigan, unfortunately, was not one of the top 30, though the Mitten State was close.

Michigan ranked as the 32nd safest state, or 18th least safe state, depending on your perspective. The ranking was due in large part to Michigan's totals for sex offenders, STD carriers and violent crime, though the state didn't score particularly well in any category except for being average at romance scams.

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