It's not exactly breaking news that America is an overweight country. Roughly 42% of Americans are obese.

Of course, some places are bit healthier than others. Look to the coasts and you'll see that more people are at their bathing suit weight throughout the year. Through the Rust Belt and the Midwest, it's cold and harsh outside, so more people tend to have a few extra pounds.

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Ohio is kind of a ring leader in that regard. A recent study from WalletHub showed that some of the most overweight cities are in the Buckeye State.

Before we get to those cities, to be clear, Ohio isn't the most overweight state. Southeastern neighbor West Virginia holds that honor, according to a separate Wise Voter study. In that study, Ohio was ranked as the ninth most overweight state in America with an obesity rate of 37.7%, less than three points from West Virginia's leading 40.6%.

Back to WalletHub's study taking a closer look at cities, Ohio performed worse than most states. Ohio has eight cities ranked in the top 50 of WalletHub's fattest cities list, more than any other state.

One saving grace of that information is that none of Ohio's cities landed in the top 15 of the list. On top of that, most states don't have nearly as many heavily populated metro regions as Ohio. Still, more than a sixth of the top half of the list is represented by Ohio.

Here are the cities as they rank on the list:

  • #18 - Canton
  • #20 - Youngstown
  • #32 - Akron
  • #33 - Toledo
  • #39 - Dayton
  • #40 - Columbus
  • #42 - Cincinnati
  • #46 - Cleveland

The only other states to have at least three cities on the list all landing in the top 50 most overweight were Alabama (three cities), Louisiana (four), South Carolina (four) and Tennessee (four). Unlike Ohio, each of these states had at least one of their cities land in the top 12 most overweight.

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