The school year is winding down and high school seniors around the country are looking to make their next step into adulthood after graduation. Many will head off to college to pursue higher education.

2024 seniors likely already know where they are going to school. But some sophomores and many juniors are likely to begin narrowing down where they'd like to go to school.

Here in Michigan, there are many solid choices. But of course, choosing a school is only half the battle. Making the grade and meeting the standards to be accepted into your school of choice is the other half. For some schools, they'll take all they can get. Others are notoriously difficult to receive an acceptance letter from.

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Still, an overwhelming percentage of the nearly 500 thousand college students in Michigan are in-state students as just 12.9% leave the Mitten State for college.

24/7 Wall Street recently broke down the hardest school to get into in each state and Michigan's is likely the school you expect.

Of the 27 institutions of higher learning sprinkled across the state, the University of Michigan is the hardest to gain admission to with an admissions rate of just 17.7%.

While it may be difficult to get into U of M, there are over 32 thousand undergrads on campus in Ann Arbor and 93% do graduate. So there are plenty of suitable candidates to be Wolverines and the school knows how to pick the right ones.

For any aspiring Wolverines, the median SAT scores are 720 in reading and writing and 750 in math. The average annual cost of attendance is just over $17,000 and the median annual earning for Michigan grads comes in just under $80,000 10 years after graduation.

There are certainly tougher schools to get into, even Notre Dame and the University of Chicago are more difficult (but not Ohio State). But the barrier for entry into one of the top three public schools in annual rankings is justified and the results appear worth it.

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