Nick from New Girl has the funniest take on Coach Dan Campbell as he picks the Lions.  Did I just watch Nick from 'New Girl' say that he wants to see the Detroit Lions "win the whole thing?"  Yes, Yes I did.  Jake Johnson, who happens to play one of my favorite characters on the sitcom 'New Girl' recently had a hilarious and inspiring take on the future of the Detroit Lions as he spoke with Pat McAfee on ESPN.

Former Indianapolis Colt punter turned sports analyst Pat McAfee has blown up on TikTok over the last few months.  It's likely because of video clips like the one from this week with Jake Johnson.  Johnson talks about how much he loves the excitement and grit that Coach Dan Campbell displays and says that he doesn't seem like a coach he's the kind of guy you bum a cigarette from outside a bar.

Coach Dan Campbell winning Playoff games
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Jake Johnson goes on to say that he wants to see the Detroit Lions play the Baltimore Ravens in the big game and adds,

Let's see the Lions take the whole thing.

Detroit Lions Celebrate Playoff Win
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Check out the hilarious clip from ESPN's TikTok below.

NFL Divisional Round Sunday, January 21st at 3 PM

  • The 13-5 Detroit Lions will take on the 10-8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Ford Field.
  • You can watch this playoff game locally on Wood TV 8 (or other local NBC stations,) Peacock app, Fubo, YouTube TV, NBC Sports or NFL+

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