Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming (RIP to my fellow seasonal allergy sufferers) and, with the warming temps, we'll soon be seeing more insects flying and crawling around our homes and yards.

Unfortunately, that means that we'll also be dealing with the not-so-pleasant invasive plant and insect species, too.

You can do your part to rid Michigan of these invasive species by removing them if you happen to see them on your property. Here are at least 10:

10 Invasive Plants & Insects You Should Destroy if You Spot Them in Michigan

Unfortunately, Michigan has a long list of both plants and insects that are invasive. Here's what to be on the lookout for.

A full list of invasive plants and invasive insects can be found at michigan.gov.

On a lighter note, Spring in Michigan can be absolutely beautiful. If you're looking for some springtime destinations, we've got you covered:

7 Must-See Spring Destinations in Michigan

It's been a long winter in Michigan. Now that we're thawing out, here are the best places to visit in Michigan during springtime.

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