Steak aficionados prepare your taste buds for an experience like no other as we delve into the realm of culinary excellence. When it comes to steakhouses there is good, and then there is great, and then there's just WOW.

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Because we love food big time, we were immediately drawn to a cool culinary list compiled by The Daily Meal. Their team gave a delicious rundown of the "Best Steakhouse in Every State". The Daily Meal appreciates the fact that steakhouses are an iconic part of American life saying, 

"These establishments have been a part of the U.S. for nearly 200 years, serving steak of all kinds in cities spanning from New York to San Francisco. Over the years, other cultures' steak cooking traditions have been incorporated into the nation's steakhouses. South American, Asian, and other meat-eating traditions have blended with our own. Today, Americans are spoiled for choice when it comes to fulfilling their carnivorous desires."

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What's the Best Steakhouse in Michigan?

When it comes to Michigan, The Daily Meal chose not only the best steakhouse but also one of the most expensive places to dine in the state. To enjoy a top-notch steakhouse experience you'll need to make your way to Detroit, and the famous Prime + Proper on Griswold Stree in Capitol Park. Not only is is ranked the top steakhouse in Michigan, but ranked #4 on the list of "The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Michigan".

"Detroit's Prime + Proper opened in 2017 and quickly became a firm favorite of those living in the city. The restaurant's foundation is its solid beef selection. All cuts are USDA Prime as standard although rarer meats, including wagyu, also feature on the menu. More interestingly, Prime + Proper flirts with experimental aging processes, resulting in dishes like the 20-ounce Whiskey Aged Cowboy Ribeye. A modern interior and knowledgeable staff complete the experience", DM said. 

You can check out what all the fuss is about, and why Prime + Proper is considered the best place to indulge in a fabulous steak dinner by visiting their website. 

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