Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain has made National news again for his forceful behavior in the courtroom.

Back in 2014, Judge John McBain told the convicted murder Camia Gamet that "I hope you die in prison". Not only was it reported locally but ABC News did a story on the judge.

Today Mlive reported...

"Clearly growing agitated, Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain threw off his robe and helped tackle to the ground a defiant man during a hearing on a personal protection order violation."

Due to the Defendants lack of respect for the judge, the law, and the victim, Judge McBain ordered him to jail time. When the  Court Officer attempted to cuff the defendant, the defendant started to "hand fight" the officer

As the judge rushed over to help the court officer, that was struggling because the defendant was resisting arrest  he was quoted as saying "Tase his ass."

Mlive was able to speak with Jackson County Chief Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson who stated...

"A judge has the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in the courtroom," he said and noted circuit court judges have arresting powers."

This story was also reported in the New York Post as well as the  Washington Post.