Making a career in professional wrestling usually means spending a good portion of your time on the road doing shows in different towns. Legendary manager Jim Cornette explained recently on his podcast why he has never returned to Saginaw.

The incident that earned the mid-Michigan city a personal ban from the man known to wrestling fans as the Louisville Slugger occurred while Cornette was managing the Midnight Express, a tag team consisting, at the time, of Dennis Condrey and 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton.

In 1985 the team finished wrestling a match at what was most certainly the Saginaw Civic Center when a fan came out of the stands and attacked Bobby Eaton. Cornette and Condrey started in on the fan. When police officers got involved, the Saginaw cops started beating on Cornette and his wrestlers and not the fan who attacked them.

While Cornette said he's been accosted by fans many times over the years, because the police in Saginaw didn't work to protect his guys, that's why he has chosen never to return.

Caution there is some salty, NSFW language in the video.

Classic Jim Cornette 1988 Promo

If you've never seen the Jim Cornette in action during his Midnight Express haydays, here's an example of the style of promos they would cut. From 1988 with Sweet Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton, Cornette takes shots at Horsemen Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, Kevin Sullivan's Varsity Club featuring Rick (not Scott) Steiner, the Road Warriors, the Fantastics and other top teams of the late 80s.

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