Back when the re-launch of Unsolved Mysteries was released to Netflix, there was a lot of involvement in Michigan with multiple stories. None more so involved as the story about the unsolved death of Gross Point Farms mother JoAnn Matouk. Many people, after watching the episode, feel that there was no way she could have committed suicide, based on her personality and recent fears she had about members of her family.

Many people after the fact felt like her cousin Tim Matouk, an investigator for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s office, was responsible for her death. But after 11 years he final gave a public interview, claiming situations explained on the show were not accurate according to his account, particularly the phone call which happened days before her death:

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I said, ‘JoAnn, why would you go around telling people that I’m the reason why John Matouk has so many problems?' She responded that she didn’t want to talk to me and that I was a troublemaker and she hung up the phone. The conversation couldn’t have lasted more than a minute. I was working. I was on duty working with a Michigan State Police Narcotics Task Force. I was in the city of Warren.

Regardless of his statement, people still feel Tim Matouk is the prime reason she passed and this case, still open, although deemed a suicide was actually a murder. People continue to make this feeling public, as planes are still seen flying with message banners, with ominous warnings to Tim & Bill Matouk. Although this was from 2 years ago, similar messaged can still be seen in the sky to this day on occasion:

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