Journey knew the crowds in Detroit rock city were legendary. On their first live album, they hoped to capture the mojo of iconic live records recorded in Motown.

Nearly 50 years after their founding in 1973, Journey has just announced the huge 2022 Freedom Tour with Billy Idol and Toto. The tour kicks off with a lucky seven-night stand in Las Vegas, and Michigan fans will get it any way they want it with shows at Van Andel Arena on May 4th and Little Caesar's Arena on March 2.

Detroit is a special place for rock fans, and Journey knew that when it was time to record their first live album. Since adding Steve Perry as lead singer for 1978's Infinity, sales climbed and the numbers continued to rise through Evolution and Departure before the band exploded with Escape and Frontiers. It was during the Departure tour, with the classic lineup of Perry, Neal Schon, Greg Rollie, Ross Vallory, and Steve Smith that the band recorded several shows that would be pressed into the double live album Captured.

The first four tracks of side 1 were recorded at the Forum in Montreal, Quebec, with tracks 5 and 6 taken from the end of the tour at Koseinenkin Hall, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan. The other ten tracks are from the legendary Cobo Hall in Detroit on August 4th and 5th, 1980. Made famous by KISS as "Detroit Rock City," Cobo was the setting for many classic live albums including Alive! (allegedly), Bob Seger's Live Bullet, J. Geils Band's unstoppable Blow Your Face Out, and live records from Michigan natives Madonna and Kid Rock.

Catch a live video recorded on the Japanese leg of Journey's 1980 tour while we wait for them to come back to Michigan and take the stage again. Maybe this time they will learn that "south Detroit" is actually Windsor, Canada.

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