Thanks for your memories on Quisp cereal.  That story sparked a lot of memories for me, so much so, that I couldn't help but begin to yearn for other products from my past that I think rock!

How many of you remember:

The McDLT from McDonald's:  I finally find a burger on the McDonald's menu that I would go out of my way to get and what happens? They yank it.  Sure, it probably tasted like any other burger on their menu but com'on was hot on one side and cold on the other - nobody marketed burgers like that! You bring back the McRib every once in a while so get it together McDonalds...I want my McDLT!

Mr. PIBB:  Think Dr. Pepper with a hint of cherry soda and a splash of Coke and you have the ingredients of the greatest soda on the planet. But WHYYYYY!!!! Coca Cola don't you sell in the states. Currently you can only find it Japan and a few other select lands. Man I want a McDLT and a Mr. PIBB right now!

The Dodge Viper: Production of this car was so on and off again throughout its history that I can't believe we've heard the last of the Dodge Viper.  I really think it was just starting to come into its own when production was halted in 2017. Customer sales was blamed for its demise but a deeper look shows maybe a safety issue was the culprit.  Lets get back to drawing board, put some side air bags on this baby and git er back in production please.  I've been saving all my life and I'm old now - its now or never for me'on now!

Planters Cheez Balls:  I'll be honest. The only reason I want a Planters Cheez Balls comeback is to do low brow humor about balls and pull immature pranks like patting a friends back with powdery orange fingers. It is a good snack but its more about being immature than craving a good solid product.

What products, trends or styles do wish would make a comeback?

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