Putting a unique spin on the tribute act, Judas Priestess is the world's only all-girl tribute to Judas Priest. Believe it or not, they deliver the goods.

OK, let's get all the obvious ones out of the way: Is this breaking the law? Are they victims of changes? Better by you better than me? Does the green manalishi wear a two-pronged tiara? If you think girls can't rock, you've got another thing comin'. Judas Priestess is an all-girl tribute band to the metal gods: Judas Priest.

Based in New York City, this band has carried the banner of heavy metal around the world, just like Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, K.K. Downing and company. Judas Priestess recently headlined House of Blues at Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip and played to a sold-out crowd at their 10 year anniversary show at the legendary Stone Pony in New Jersey,

Female-based cover bands dedicated to one artist is not a new phenomenon, Hervana is a Canadian tribute to Nirvana led by "Skirt Cobain." "Bruce Chickinson" fronts the Iron Maidens. There is also the She Street Band representing the Boss and Lez Zeppelin has been around since 2004. Misstalica and AC/DShe also draw curious rock crowds and Joanne Joanne is the world's only all-girl tribute to the '80s Duran Duran.

Judas Priestess is now hell-bent for Michigan with their first ever show in the area scheduled for July 17, 2021.

  • Judas Priestess
  • Sat July 17 | 7pm showtime
  • JB's Whiskey Old Style Grill | Springfield, MI
  • Tickets: $10 at the door
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