In Beer City USA you would think craft beer month is every month but as a state the month of July is designated with the honor of craft beer month.

You don't have to go far to find craft beer in Michigan, almost every town or city across the state at least one, if not several craft breweries. Most of these breweries are small and cater to a local clientele.

Don't think for a minute there are no beer snobs coming in from out of state to sample these amazing brands of brew Michigan has to offer. Its good for breweries and good for the local economy.

According to WOOD, the executive director of the Michigan Brewers Guild Scott Graham said, "I think it's the great beer and the culture around beer. Not only is bee a fun, social beverage, but the places that you go to drink it, the brewers are so unique and there's a lot of creativity and passion put into them. I think you just run into a great culture when you get around it and it makes people enjoy and appreciate that and want to contribute to it."

If you have a favorite brewery, get out and pay them a visit, let's not forget about the year plus that many of these smaller breweries were completely or partially closed down and they could all use the boost. Getting these breweries back to full steam means getting people back to work.

WOOD reported that Graham went on to say, "I think it's worth noting that while local breweries have gained a lot of attention, the share of the market that we have is still under 15% of all the beer sold in Michigan and is brewed here in Michigan.

Here's a list of breweries in the Grand Rapids area to pay a visit to this month:

That may not be every single brewery in the region but it will sure get you started. Now you see why they call Grand Rapids Michigan Beer City USA!

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