So, you're not a runner, but you could do, like 400 yards, right? What if you could have a beer after you did that? Repeat for a total of 48 oz in 1 mile.

This race is less about 6 pack abs and just a plain ol' 6 pack. Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning is teaming up with One Well Brewing to host the first ever Kalamazoo Beer Mile on Saturday, September 14. This Beer Mile is actually a real thing, and Canadian Corey Bellamore holds the World Record of 4:33.6. That's under 5 minutes to run a mile and drink 4 beers!

Kalamazoo competitors will lace up the shoes and get the bottle opener ready, toeing the starting line at 10 am on a brisk Fall morning, for a series of four 400-meter sprints, each followed by a 12 oz slam (or, you could saunter and sip). The beer is One Well Opener, a 5.5% blonde ale, a mainstay of the lineup since the grand opening.

Obviously, the event is for ages 21+, and the field is limited to 100 "runners," so get registered for this grueling challenge if you are up to it.

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