It's been a few years since we had anybody in the school system but we continue to follow the goings-on with friends and their kids and also our grandkids.  One of the topics nearly every year is the timing of the school schedule itself.  We've long railed at the traditional school year schedule as it pertains to weather and specifically the seasons.  Basically, if we were making the call, school would start later; possibly at the end of September when Summer is still around.  Then, end the school year in late June when the temperatures haven't reached vacation levels yet.

All that said we still have to look at the economic and family dynamic impact.  Some years ago, the school year was starting before Labor Day and the State of Michigan realized a tremendous loss in vacation/tourism revenue.  So, the schools pushed the start till after Labor Day.  Well, here we go again!  Next year for the 2020-2021 school year, classes will start on August 31.  I think they're going in the wrong direction!

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