How much do Mall City shoppers spend on Christmas? In a study of holiday budgets by city, Kalamazoo is pretty grinchy.

How much should I spend on Christmas? It's a tough question and many things factor into the final decision. WalletHub studied Santas and looked at 570 cities based on income, age and savings-to-monthly expenses ratio; Kalamazoo ranked #468.

Maybe we just have more loved ones on the naughty list. The average per-person tab this holiday season is over $1,000- Kalamazooites spend less than half of that- a gloomy $483.

Top 3: Most Generous- Biggest Budget

  • #1       Flower Mound, TX $2,761
  • #2       Sunnyvale, CA $2,575
  • #3       Naperville, IL $2,528

#468 Kalamazoo $483

Bottom 3: Scrooge-like Behavior Detected- Smallest Budget

  • #568     New Haven, CT $115
  • #569     Miami, FL $81
  • #570     Cleveland, OH $64

Take a look at the complete rankings below and see more on the methodology of the WalletHub study here.

I've never been to Flower Mound, Texas but I'd like to make some friends there. Hey, Cleveland, y'all are getting coal!

Source: WalletHub

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