Having a child with sensory issues means being choosy about family activities. Is this restaurant going to be too noisy? Is this museum going to be too bright? Will the establishment understand having to get up and walk around with your child often? The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre wants all children to be able to experience live theatre. That's why they are adding sensory-friendly performances to select productions. This season, enjoy The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Madagascar Jr., and Pippi Longstocking. What does sensory-friendly mean? The Civic Theatre will:

  • reduce strobe lighting or any lighting that focuses on the audience
  • have warnings before loud noises or sudden bright lights
  • not going to full black in the auditorium
  • provide buffer seats between groups to provide more personal space
  • provide a "chill-out space" for children who become overstimulated by the performance
  • create a space where children are free to vocalize and move around
  • provide a downloadable packet complete with photos of the theater's exterior, the lobby, seats, ushers, and other sights the children may experience during their time at the Civic.


Now this bit is important, so parents and teachers, listen up; these performances are NOT on their website. The staff at the Civic need a whole lot of information in order to accommodate individuals needs so reservations for the sensory-friendly performances can only be made through calling the box office at 269-343-1313.

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