For the sake of clarity, I've never been a fan of McDonald's Shamrock Shake.  In fact, I'm not a huge fan of anything "minty" but I will eat a thin mint girl scout cookie.  Every year my family and people I know go completely bonkers for these Shamrock Shakes and, apparently, so does the rest of the country.  So it only seems like the way competition goes that someone would take a run at McDonald's famous St. Patrick's Day offering.  I guess I just expected it would be Burger King.

Our friends at have given us the heads up that Dairy Queen is stepping up to take on the challenge.  What I didn't know till now is that Dairy Queen's mint shake has been on their secret menu for some time.  Wait...Dairy Queen has a secret menu?  Why???  Anyway, they being Dairy Queen might lead one to believe that this minty goodness might be even better than McDonald's Shamrock Shake if only because Dairy Queen is in the ice cream business!  Am I right or am I right?  I guess we'll just have to taste for ourselves; or at least you will.  Get more on the story by clicking HERE.

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