In the words of Crosby, Stills & Nash..."It's been a long time coming".  For years we here in Michigan have perennially been some of the best drivers in the nation.  In fact, a few years back, we were the safest drivers in the country.

That's all we had, though, and continued to pay the highest premiums in the United states.  This year saw the the repeal of high premiums paid to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association.  Now individuals can opt out and cap the financial judgement in order to reduce the monstrous rates.

Now comes word that due to the lack of driving during the pandemic, Michigan drivers will share in $95 million in refunds due to less traffic accidents and other related violations like speeding tickets.  this is not brand new as some insurance companies have already reimbursed their customers.

However, it won't be evenly divided as amounts vary with insurance companies but they're talking about 15% to 20% for April, May and June.  Combined with the drop in premiums from the catastrophic claims deal, were looking at a pretty good reduction.

And it's not just auto insurance.  The State of Michigan announced savings on worker's compensation policies and about $1.6 million on other types of property and casualty insurance the the change in behavior due to the COVID-19 outbreak facilitated.

Haven't we all been trying to find any silver lining in this situation?  We haven't had much luck but we are starting to realize that maybe some good will come out of these unprecedented circumstances.

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