Maybe you're an amateur cook and you're inspired to conjure up a dinner starring locally grown fresh vegetables, or maybe, simply, a good vegetable soup. Of course, you know the only place to get great authentic tamales in the Farmers Market. Or maybe you're jonesing for something like your own homemade hummus or tzatziki sauce. (Don't roll your eyes, mine are really good. I don't skimp on garlic. I don't kiss a lot on those days, either.)

You probably already know the Bank Street Farmers Market is going through an upgrade this year, and will be temporarily moving to to Mayor's Riverfront Park for the 2021 season. But the week the City Commission gave its official stamp of approval (on April 5th) for this $4.2 million dollar project. Actually, what they did was approve bids and bond funding.

Here's how the existing area will be laid out beginning next year.

A graphic provided by the City of Kalamazoo of how the new Farmers Market will be laid out. (Courtesy: City of Kalamazoo)

When you read the City's release, one of the major points of emphasis is the increased parking that will be available. The city is also redoing the intersection where Bank and Lake Street meet. And while they're at it, the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail is being connected to the Market, and that means a lot of new bike racks.

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The release goes on to say, they're already thinking of adding an event building and a playground.

Looking forward to that Saturday morning tradition, both in it's temporary digs near the ballpark and then next year when it comes home.

Heritage Guitar Co., Kalamazoo, 100th Anniversary, 2017

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