Your are a summer college league baseball team in a town that notoriously doesn't support much of anything sports-wise; how do you get people's attention? Great question that the Kalamazoo Growlers deal with every single day. And they do it with a great sense of humor.

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Just in the past couple of weeks or so, the team has offered to help suddenly-out-of-work local baseball here Derek Jeter out with a job offer. A day later, with the Major League Baseball negotiation stalled, they issued a lifetime ban to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. They're trying, folks.

The latest salvo in the MLB lockout fiasco was Friday morning.

It's fun. It puts a smile on people's faces.  But if you look at the Growler's YouTube Channel, it goes even deeper. You realize maybe it's not just someone with a sense of humor, but that there's actually some thought behind this. There's a series of videos under the title of "the un-baseball team". For example, the image below shows that members of the team have dreams beyond becoming fabulously wealthy in baseball, but would be up for ekeing out a living as jugglers.

(Kalamazoo Growlers via YouTube)

Yes, there's something to be said for having players who are talented and up for anything, as this parody of the movie "Major League" shows.

(Kalamazoo Growlers via YouTube)

In a world where consumers are bombarded with constant noise and messages, you have to stand out, and this is one way of doing that. And they're making us, if not laugh, at least smile. And bottom line: it's a kids' game. Have some fun.

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