"Adorable" is only a start. The video of these Kalamazoo kids' music recital is the best thing to come out of the pandemic.

The Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo is a non-profit music school "committed to creating an inclusive, high quality music program in which all students are nurtured as valued members of our community with unique talents and skills." They offer private and group lessons both in person and virtually for all ages and skill levels in violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, piano, and percussion. From the looks of this video, they're doing great work!

Parents make a lot of sacrifices for their kids, not the least of which are money and time. Showing up for your kids is invaluable in their development, and we salute you parents who are doing everything you can. Kids' extracurricular activities are a major drain on finances and take a lot of time not only to arrange for transportation to and from never-ending practices and rehearsals but watching the actual performance or competition.

Here, sports parents may have it a little bit easier. Generally the events are outside, it's acceptable to get up and move around freely, and you can even get a hotdog. Hypothetically, let's say, band parents could show up at the end of the second quarter and leave after a halftime performance, while parents who have kids in marching band can go home after their kids' unit goes by in the parade. If your child has chosen drama or concert band, you're stuck in the auditorium for the entire show. Maybe, if you're lucky, you can skip out at intermission, but this is commitment.

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Coronavirus may have changed all of that. Many professional performances have moved online and Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo has shared one that has become my new favorite. I don't know any of these kids, but I love this! The concentration, the commitment, the mannerisms, the awkwardness- just like your office zoom calls, it's all there. These kids are all-in on delivering an amazing performance, and they do. Parents may be tempted to skip ahead and see only their kid, nut then they might miss the best part.

While it won't be for the raw talent alone, we'd love to see this video go viral and boost the confidence of these kids exploring music and pursuing their developing dreams in the arts. Take a look and share this if you love watching these kids as much as we do. There are 50 more on the Suzuki Academy of Kalamazoo's YouTube page.

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