Winter weather is just weeks away, and no one feels the countdown more than the employees and volunteers at the Animal Rescue Project facility at 219 Peekstock Drive in Kalamazoo. Their current roof will not survive another winter. Water damage from previous winters and severe rainstorms have left holes and the tarp they put up temporarily is in terrible condition. While the building stands as temporary shelter for more than 50 dogs and 30 cats, a more permanent solution is being sought to address the clearly sagging ceiling. So far the shelter has been able to secure donors willing to match donations of up to $12,500, which will cover only half the cost of repairs. So what can you do to help the Animal Rescue Project reach their goal? Donate through their website by clicking here. If we all give a little, we'll have a lot, and they'll be on their way to repairing the roof and providing a much safer temporary home for little fury faces seeking their forever families.

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