The Kalamazoo State Theater is one of those buildings that you really have to see to believe. The history of the Kalamazoo State Theatre goes all the way back to the 1920s and perfectly captures the feel of a Spanish garden.

Between the atmospheric sky and the intricate architecture, this building should be preserved as long as it can be. They recently posted a photo which is a rare sighting that I’ve never seen before. Apparently, when the theater first opened in 1927 they had a fire curtain to protect the stage and actors.

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Sharing the renovations, they are making online, they showed the fire curtain and all its beautiful glory almost setting up a scene like you’re in a Spanish Villa:

We are currently renovating our theatre, including an update to the original fire curtain that has been here since 1927. This incredible sight helps protect the theatre in case of emergency, and thanks to our team, it will continue to serve the community for decades to come.

There's no indication of what renovations they're making on this beautiful curtain, but the fact that it's been the same one for nearly 100 years, and how beautifully it's been preserved, I hope the integrity of it is never compromised.

It's crazy to me that after almost 100 years this is a new historic relic of the theatre some of us are just discovering, also having just found out about the original pipe organ that's still there. Next time you're at the theatre, ask them if they'll pull the curtain out for a few minutes to grab your own photo.

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