I've always said the State Theater downtown Kalamazoo is my favorite place to see a show.  Mostly because there's no bad seat but also because I can get there and home in 10 minutes.  Over the last 27 years since I've been here I've seen some great shows and I'm sure you have too.  My question is: What was your favorite show at the State Theater?

My first show was a pretty good one; Tim Allen filmed his "Men Are Pigs" Showtime special on February 24, 1990 just 2 days before I went on the air for the first Rocker Morning Show.  My most memorable show was Albert Collins in the mid 90s.  He was my favorite blues man and he died not long after that show.  When I went backstage to see him he actually remembered the first time we met in the mid 80s in Cleveland.

So what was my all-time favorite?  That's a tough one.  I'll have to take some more time and get back to you.