Every year we grind over what the weather will be like for trick or treating.  Most of the time it's cold or raining or both and the extended forecast looks like both.  Those are always the Halloweens we remember, however, back in 1989 it was over 80 degrees and my son Ryan, who was two years old, sweated right through his Big Bird costume.  Who could've imagined he'd grow to 6'3" and some of his friends would nickname him Big Bird.

Anyway back to weather and Halloween... There have always been indoor trick or treat alternatives but maybe none as timely as the one at the Kalamazoo Target this Saturday from 10am to 1pm.  There will be giveaways so get there early and not only will you be able to trick or treat through the store but, according to simplemost.com, also see an exclusive episode of maybe the hottest kids program Paw Patrol.  Get more details by clicking HERE.




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