A young lady is in serious condition after being hit by a van while riding her bike in Kalamazoo and the family is now looking for anybody who can positively identify the vehicle that struck her and left her in the road with her injuries.

The woman’s future mother in law gave the details in a Facebook post describing what happened and the young woman’s current condition:

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Kalamazoo friends and family I need your help. On Wednesday night around 8:51 Katie our future daughter in law was riding her bike home on S.Burdick. The intersection of Burdick and Stockbridge a van hit her leaving her in the street and drove away. She has broken bones, concussion, road rash and is in surgery right now. Katie has been receiving wonderful care at Bronson hospital.

Video Footage

Jack, our son has managed to reach out and get security cameras footage of the accident. The Kalamazoo police are involved but we want to catch this felon and get justice for Katie. I’m not posting the footage because it’s brutal.
Please post this and share it. We need any and all tips called in.

What Does The Vehicle Look Like

The front passenger side of a the van will be damaged and windshield damage. Town and country style van silver or white in color.
Anybody with any information is encouraged to contact the police department, as I'm sure there must have been others in the area when it happened. Let's try and share this to help lead to their arrest.

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