Not sure the reason but Myspace is trending now on Twitter. Funny reading all the nostalgic themed threads. "Myspace was absolutely perfect and we abandoned it" cried out one person on twitter. "I want to break up with Twitter and sleep with Myspace again. 2005-2209 were good times" was another hilarious response to the trend. "We should have never abandoned you Tom" stated another.

Tom of course was CEO and founder of the Myspace platform and always your first friend and connection on Myspace. You could always count on Myspace Tom to never unfriend you. Yet, the minute something new came along we said "see ya" to Tom and left him like a red headed step child on the side of the road and hopped aboard on any new social platform that came along. Wouldn't blame Tom for telling us to go to...well, you know where.

So while Tom and his Myspace platform gets another 15 minutes of fame I thought I would look up the top Myspace pages for old times sake and here what I came across. I would like to think that Tom would be proud.

1) Primus- Kalamazoo: Primus did a song called Kalamazoo, a track that was posted with over 14,000 pairs of ears jammin away!

Screenshot (9)

2) Kalamazoo VIP - The mix and song selection must rock because the page garnered 1.8k visits

Screenshot (7)

3) Kalamazoo Derby knew how to rock a Myspace page with 1.2k visits. 

Screenshot (8)

2) Kalamazoo Blues History Project salvaged the Blues genre on Myspace for all of Kalamazoo - nice work!

Screenshot (10)

1) Kalamazoo Choppers - way ahead of their time with a page for chopper lovers.

Screenshot (11)

There ya go. Just a few Kalamazoo Myspace pages that made a difference. Take yourself a little trip back in time and check out more Myspace fun!

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