No more carrying around a box of cereal and munching on handfuls of Frosted Flakes. No, no, my friend. That was college You. You've grown. So have your standards for cereal snacking. Presenting Kellogg's latest development: Jumbo Snax. Kellogg's has taken four of their most loved cereals, enlarged the pieces, and created single-serving bags perfect for your cravings. Choose from Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, and (of course) Corn Pops. All four will go on sale next month. There's no word if more cereals will become Jumbo Snax sized, but I suppose that depends on how well these four do. And with more and more people turning to snacking for self-soothing amid self-isolation, I have no doubt we'll see more flavors in the future.

Bonus Video: Kid Opening Kellogg's Jumbo Rice Krispies |James Taraki Fun Opening Kellogg's Jumbo Rice Krispies

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