It's not the first time Kellogg's has been in hot water for a marketing campaign for one of their cereals. In the past, they're released rainbow versions of their biggest sellers, and even went so far as to "create" a "new" cereal to promote inclusion.

But this time, some people think the Battle Creek Cereal mogul has gone too far with their latest stunt surrounding Froot Loops, and is facing a major boycott.

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The fruity cereal, made by Kellogg's, is in hot water, mostly because of a promotion they're running in Canada, that offers a promotional tag to a free online library. Seems harmless enough, right?

Except this library offers consumers a digital library of children's books that promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, which some people take issue with for some reason.

The digital library, according to the website, "was created with the help of our partners at BGC Canada [formerly known as Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada] and Kids Can Press to help families explore diverse topics."

The books contain themes on racial and cultural inclusivity, as well as kindness and acceptance.

But some consumers are asking that Froot Loops get "the Bud Light Treatment" because of the material included in the library, and are actively trying to boycott it.

Even major music moguls like John Rich have taken to twitter to decry the promotion.

But for every negative comment, replies defending the initiative have been in tow. And if they do try and give Froot Loops the "Bud Light" treatment, well... they'll be sad to hear, that even Kid Rock gave that up after just a few months.

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